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Michael Law is a travel and outdoors writer based near Toronto, Canada. His travels have taken him around the globe. He's lived in cities across Canada and traveled extensively through the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America, New Zealand, and Australia, where he settled for a time, Michael is a contributor to PlanetWare.com, writing on destinations around the world, skiing, camping, and other outdoor topics. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree from the University of Manitoba, in his home city of Winnipeg. Michael co-authors many of his article with his wife and travel partner, Lana.

Recent Travels and Articles


 His 2019 travels taken him to Panama, Colombia, North Carolina, British Columbia, and off the grid adventures in Ontario. Upcoming plans for this year include extended travel in Greece and the Caribbean. 

Recent travel articles include campgrounds on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, ski resorts near Toronto,  and things to do in Fort Myers.

Outdoor Interests

 Michael has been on skis since the age of four and has made downhill skiing an important part of his lifestyle. He frequents the mountains in Western Canada, Colorado, Utah, and areas near his home in Ontario and Upstate New York. He is a member of the North American Snowsport Journalist Association (NASJA).

Kitesurfing is one of Michael's more recent passions. Seeing the kitesurfers racing across the water one afternoon, he decided to take lessons and devote himself to learning the sport. Travel for the next couple of years involved finding destinations where he could kite. Colombia, Dominican Republic and North Carolina topped the list.

Other favorite pastimes include hiking, mountain biking, camping, canoeing, and fishing.

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